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Shimla in Monsoon: Why Rainy Season Is the Best Time to Visit Shimla?

If you look up online, then the hackneyed articles would all suggest that you check out Shimla through the winter season or the summer season which are the more popular seasons for tourists. But is there anything as beautiful as rain?

Shimla, being a hill station, you must certainly be thinking that it would be prone to landslides and other catastrophes which your prejudiced mind would naturally associate with it! However, Shimla is unlike those Himalayan hill towns where the mountains are loftier and the risks are sky-high!

Himalaya is a lot more pacific and amiable! On the contrary, Shimla shimmers and glimmers during the rain. The lakes froth and leap in bounty having been fed to the fullest by the clouds! For instance, the Fagu, one of the must visit places in Shimla, turns into a brimming supply of joy when the monsoon is its guardian! The same is true for attractions like Mall Road and that Kufri.

Then there are the orchids like the Rose Orchid or the Apple Orchid which seem so greener and colorful when the raindrops kiss the leaves or when the frogs croak around the mushrooms!

Rain is so chaste and beautiful in this land of poetry that even while standing from your balcony of Snow King Retreat Hotel and sipping on morning coffee, you would feel goose bumps!

And we still haven't spoken of the joys of toy train! Yes, we agree that heavy showers may lead to cancellation of toy train rides! But if the rain is moderate, then you would simply love the purity of the photogenic hills as you breeze on the slopes! For a person who carries a Video camera and claims himself to be a photographer, the beauty which this town would conjure for your lens is something beyond comparison!

As the clouds cry in bucketfuls, the whole sky would be your canvas! Just paint it the way you want and get more out of life! Right from getting a spa treatment to opting for Ayurveda, from sightseeing to trekking, the lush green forests and the damp weather would play perfect fodder to your desires!

Looking down from the mighty Snow King Retreat, you would feel like a pirate hunting for his lost treasures! Yes, the best time to visit Shimla is monsoon! We said it! Period!

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